2012 WEC Training - Formula 4 Test - Le Mans "Maison Blanche"

On Wednesday, Jordan was in Le Mans for a Formule 4 drive in order to become more familiar with a single-seater driving in order to prepare his season in the FIA World Endurance Championship with the Signatech-Nissan LMP2.

Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4

Despite cold temperatures in the morning (-4°C), the weather has been really nice with a bright sun during all day and getting warmer in the afternoon. There were five thirty-minute driving sessions on schedule, each followed by a debriefing with the Signatech engineer...

The first session was really tough as Jordan said "It is hard to get used to the brakes. You don't have to push hard on the pedal because it is quite easy to lock. I also struggle to find my braking points, I brake way to early." But the pace was not bad for a beginning.

Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4 Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4

Everything was getting better in the second session with a best lap time only six-tenth behind Pierre Gasly, who finished 3rd in the championship last year. There was still time to find, and, helped by the data aquisition, Jordan noticed that it was he was to gentle on the throttle on the exit of the corners for a so small engine (the Twingo RS 1.6l) as he is getting used to drive a 500-horse powered prototype.

In the third session, he did exactly the same lap time, despite having missed two gear changes, loosing one fourth of a second.

Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4

Jordan went six tenth quicker in the fourth one ! He was obivously really happy and said "I understood something : I need to let the car slide a bit on entry and exit to go fast. It is like a big karting to drive." Unfortunately, his session was shortened by a gearbox issue.

After having changed for another single seater for the last session, Jordan didn't managed to go faster as the track was a bit colder.

Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4

At the end of the day, Jordan, smiling, conclude : "I really enjoyed this day and I would like to thank Signatech and Nissan for having given me this opportunity to improve my driving. I am really looking forward Thursday, March 1st to drive it again, but this time on the Bugatti circuit. It will be interesting to discover a new track, faster than the one I drove today. I will now recover and focused myself on what happened today to have everything clear in my mind. I still have a few points to improve so I will work on that next time."

Jordan Tresson - Test Formule 4

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