6h Spa 2012 - Summary

This week-end, Jordan was in Spa, in the Belgian Ardennes with all the World Endurance Championship competitors for the 2nd race of the season. After Sebring's crash, all the team wanted to score important point before Le Mans 24 hours.

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Camions Signatech

The three practice sessions took place on a dry track. Jordan tells us: "When arriving here, I did really hope to have a dry weather for at least one session because I wanted so much to see how it is like to go round amazing corners like Le Raidillon and Blanchimont absolutely flat out! The track is really different depending if you drive a GT car or a prototype because some corners are no more! We had three good sessions working on the car's setup for the race. The setup is maybe not the fastest but the car is really easy and comfortable to drive and that is really important for a race!"

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Stand

Unfortunately, the qualifying session didn't went so well as Olivier only set the 14th time in the LMP2 category. Jordan was a bit disappointed but not despondent: " We knew that we were not in a position to aim for the 1st place but we didn't expected to be so far back. But Olivier did his best as he had a small technical issue in his fastest lap."

The weather forecast for Saturday expected rain and they didn't mistaken. The warm up session took place on a wet track. However, the risk for a couple of showers during the race was quite high but Jordan seems to like the water. He confessed that he had a test day a couple of days ago and learned some very interesting things!

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Raidillon

At the start, the track is soaked of water but the rain has gone and won't come back before the end of the race. Olivier starts in 14th place and is back In 11th after turn one. Unfortunately, he has a puncture and has to pit to receive a brand new set of tyres. He is now almost one lap behind the leader. But his team mates and all the team know that the race will be long, especially on a track such as Spa.

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Grille Départ

When Olivier stops for his first scheduled pit stop, the engineers decide to put some slicks on as the track is now almost dry. The car #23 comes back in the rankings taking advantage of its tyres and its opponents problems. The young Frenchman goes on for a third stint and give the wheel to Jordan in 5th position.

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Arret Stand

Jordan is on verve and posts really fast and consistent lap times to come back at only 20 seconds of the podium. After a short pit stop for some fuel, he goes back on a track and continues on a really quick pace.

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - En Piste Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - La Source

Unfortunately, in his in-lap, he goes out and hit the wall as he explains us : "In my in-lap, when I switched on the fuel reserve pump, I accidentally switched off the traction control at the same time. And when going back on throttle to dive into the pits on a damp part of the track, I lost it on power. I feel really sorry for the whole team because they all did a great job and our pace was really good. I remember the lesson and I will be back in Le Mans even faster!"

Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Réparation Jordan Tresson - Spa 2012 - Répération

Once everything is fixed, Franck jumps in and will finish at the 7th place which offer the team's first points in this World Endurance Championship. That's not many points but they might be really important at the end of the season.

"Now, we have to win Le Mans!" whispers maliciously Jordan.

We will present for this wonderfull meeting, last June 12-13th!

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